Thursday, July 16, 2009

Placement Paper Blog

As you know, the present market is not that encouraging and many companies are cutting down on staff. So there's a word of caution in the air and everyone is trying to hold on to the job that they have.

The number of fresh recruits getting on board have been coming down since October last. Companies prefer to hire (if at all) only the best of the best. This emphasizes the need of being prepared - the need of the hour!

While preparation can do wonders, it's important that you do it at the right time. Rushing through the placement papers of a company two hours before you write the test may not be helpful to guarantee you the placement.

Now let me tell you the purpose of this blog. We would post all updates that happen on here - be it addition of new placement paper of a company, the change in test pattern of one or dates of a placement drive in your area. We are posting it here so that you can subscribe to it using your RSS readers or email or even SMS (text message). This can go a long way in keeping you on par with the current placement scene in India.

All the best to all of you!


About This Blog

We would cover all major updates at here so that you all can take advantage of it at the earliest. This would also allow you to subscribe to the feeds of all updates using any RSS reader / even as SMS on your mobile phone.