Saturday, July 18, 2009

Employers Would Keep This a Secret

There are two kinds of companies in the world from a recession stand point: Ones those are grappling with recession and other ones that pretend to be affected by recession - but not really!
While companies in the first list makes headlines, their counterparts in the second list remain mostly unseen; except in the eyes of their own top management who chalk the master plan and some employees smart enough to figure this out. Confused? Read on.

There are companies, in fact many, that have buckled under pressure. While it may be obvious that these companies would need to show the pink slip to some of their employees to remain operational, it is to be noted that some companies at least, are trying to strike a deal in these turbulent times by exploiting the recession.

It would seem that such (latter) firms were awaiting an opportunity to trim and fit themselves and the 'God-gifted' recession landed in their hands! Ask the employees in such companies and they would tell you that the quarter results look good, but many employees are silently sacked, perks are slashed - all in the name of recession that has not really touched them!

While my last post spoke about the dipping trend in hiring since October last; today, I have something encouraging for you - study shows that the trend is slowly moving towards the good! You guessed it right, hiring in the domestic market has risen 8.1 percentage in June 09 when compared to May 09, reports The Indian Express.

According to the JobSpeak survey conducted by online jobs portal, the growth in recruitment in June over May is "the highest upward movement since July 2008, indicating a strong hiring sentiment coming back to the market".

Here's a quick summary of the report.
percentage change in hiring - vertical wise

In terms of city-wise hiring, 12 out of 13 recorded an increase in hiring activity.
percentage change in hiring - city wise

May this news heal their 'fish in troubled waters' mindset and put an end to the present exploitation!

Now, to what list do your firm belong?


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