Thursday, October 15, 2009

3 A’s of Career Change – 16 things that can make a difference

We have come up with a three page article on career change. This article covers the three A's of Career Change: Analyse, Augment and Ace. At the end of this, you would have a clear, step-by-step procedure to build a career change plan. Go ahead and read them right away!

3 A’s of Career Change I: Analyse
This step teaches you to ask yourself a set of questions to figure out the kind of career change is right for you.

3 A’s of Career Change II: Augment
This part deepens the analysis giving you insights into your future while showing you the courses, companies available for you. This part augments your analysis and will help you take the right decision.

3 A’s of Career Change III: Ace

You are now at the final part of your career change planning. This section will leave you with a plan that would land you in your dream job.