Sunday, September 6, 2009

Importance of Company Profiles and Test Patterns

When it comes to campus placements, having an idea about the company for which you are taking the test can make a big difference. This would allow you to set your expectations right. Knowing the test pattern and practicing the previous papers are equally important.

All these can give you an edge over others. You may be able to save only a few minutes in the test even if you already know the pattern and have practiced some previous papers. But these few minutes are often good enough to change your fate!

We have heard what many of our readers have asked for. We have organised the test patterns and company profiles into separate sections so that these can easily be accessed by you. Now you have the following sections handy.

Company Profiles
Totally revamped with an exclusive page for accessing the profiles of all companies from a single page.

Test Patterns
Single point access to all test patterns which would make your life a lot easier.

Placements Papers
Other elements were moved to separate pages making this page exclusive to placement papers. Plus, more papers added.

Take a look now and let us know your suggestions please.


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